How to Become a Copywriter

You’ve most likely seen countless ads on posters, billboards, and websites for as long as you can remember. On those ads you see words, and that’s what is called the copy. The professional who created those lines is called a copywriter. It does seem like an easy job for people who like to write, so it’s not surprising if you want to become one. However, even if you think you know how to become a copywriter it’s not going to be easy unless you work hard at it.

The Traditional Start of a Copywriting Career

In the old days, you had to join an advertising and marketing company to become a copywriter. You can still do this, of course, though you need the proper credentials. You have to possess a suitable college degree in a related field. You can major in marketing, advertising, English, communications, journalism, or creative writing. Then you can apply to an advertising company where you’ll get additional training. Each advertising company tends to have its own principles on what makes for good copy.

As a copy writer, you can then supply the text for many different types of advertising and marketing materials: 

  • PPC ads
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Billboards
  • Scripts for TV and radio ads
  • Press releases
  • Print advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Sales pages
  • Social media posts

Basically, you’re in charge of the text for any material that’s designed to get people buying, whether directly or in the long run.

Copywriting in the Internet Age

Today, a lot more people are copywriters. They can call themselves online sellers, affiliate marketers, or bloggers. But when they sell stuff online and write the text that convinces people to buy, they’re basically taking on the role of the copywriter.

It helps that there are a lot of educational resources online to help you get started. You can Google for lots of copywriting tips, though it can help tremendously if you read books on the subject. You may also want to think about enrolling for an online course on copywriting.

This sort of DIY training can then help you become a freelancer, though usually you have yourself as your first client.

  • You can start by becoming an affiliate marketer. This begins with your own website, and then you do some research on the types of products you want to endorse. You can then produce excellent content relevant to the products you want to sell so you can have a ready audience when you start recommending various products for your readers.

In affiliate marketing, you can then lead your readers to click on a link that leads to the seller’s home page. You earn money for every sale, though this depends on the affiliate program.

  • You can also sell your own stuff, or import items that you can sell locally. Again, you need excellent copy to convince people to buy what you’re selling.

These methods can earn you money, as seller, marketer, and copywriter. If you are interested in just focusing on the copywriting aspect of the work, you can remain a freelancer by offering your services to other sellers. You can also use your previous work history as an affiliate marketer or as a seller to apply to a traditional advertising firm.

Now that you know how to become a copywriter, it’s time to start practicing and to work hard if you want to succeed in this profession.