Copywriting Tips

Copywriting is basically about getting the reader to buy your product or use your service. Sure, it can also be about convincing them to call you or to subscribe to your email list. But in the end, you want them to buy what your business is offering. Now the question is, how can you create effective copy? Your best bet is to enroll in a course on the subject, though a few copywriting tips can help you as well.

One of the best online copy for a business I’ve read recently is from an Oahu tree trimming company. Check it out. They follow almost all of the tips listed below: 

  1. Keep it brief. Lots of people don’t have the time or the inclination to read huge blocks of text. You have a few seconds to make a good impression once you catch their attention, so you need to show value for readers very quickly.
  2. Use lots of paragraph breaks. If you insist on using lots of words, use lots of white space too. Large blocks of text are just too hard to read and most people don’t even try.
  3. Focus on what your readers want to read. Don’t dwell on what you think you have to talk about. The readers’ needs come first, because they will decide if they read your copy or not.
  4. Don’t use jargon. Talk plainly in words people can understand.
  5. Try to elicit a strong emotional reaction. Whether you like it or not many buyers use emotions to help them decide on what to buy. Logic alone doesn’t cut it, unless you can also make your reader feel good about the purchase.
  6. Describe things that will benefit your readers. If you have a product that will save them money, say that it will result in “huge savings”. If they have to pay a fee such as $10, emphasize that it is “a small $10 fee”.
  7. If you’re using copy for web pages, use A/B testing. That example about the “small $10 fee” is a case in point. One study using A/B testing found that a phrase like this resulted in 20% more sales than the plainer “$10 fee” (without the “small”).
  8. Use verbs more than adjectives. Basically, this means you don’t really focus on what your product or service is. Instead, you need to focus on what it does for your readers. Then you can tell your readers what to do (i.e., buy your product).
  9. Be liberal with “power” words. Studies have discovered that some words are just more effective in gaining the attention and interest of readers. These words include free, instantly, and new. Use them in your headlines for maximum effect: Get our free new gizmo instantly before supplies last! 
  10. Cite social proof.  You can mention that you have 5,321 current subscribers or that your product has been bought by more than 10,000 customers already. One site found that mentioning the thousands of subscribers they had resulted in a 20% increase in signups.
  11. Use words that don’t pertain to buying. Lots of people are naturally averse to buying stuff, but then you can use different words to make then buy anyway. Instead of “buy now” as your call to action, you can use “add to cart”. For one site, that change resulted in 17% increase in sales.

These are just a few copywriting tips, mind you. Always try to learn more, and keep testing each method to see which copy works best!