Copywriting Tips

Copywriting is basically about getting the reader to buy your product or use your service. Sure, it can also be about convincing them to call you or to subscribe to your email list. But in the end, you want them to buy what your business is offering. Now the question is, how can you create effective copy? Your best bet is to enroll in a course on the subject, though a few copywriting tips can help you as well.

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How to Become a Copywriter

You’ve most likely seen countless ads on posters, billboards, and websites for as long as you can remember. On those ads you see words, and that’s what is called the copy. The professional who created those lines is called a copywriter. It does seem like an easy job for people who like to write, so it’s not surprising if you want to become one. However, even if you think you know how to become a copywriter it’s not going to be easy unless you work hard at it.

The Traditional Start of a Copywriting Career

In the old days, you had to join an advertising and marketing company to become a copywriter. You can still do this, of course, though you need the proper credentials. You have to possess a suitable college degree in a related field. You can major in marketing, advertising, English, communications, journalism, or creative writing. Then you can apply to an advertising company where you’ll get additional training. Each advertising company tends to have its own principles on what makes for good copy.

As a copy writer, you can then supply the text for many different types of advertising and marketing materials: 

Just What Is Copywriting?

Writing comes in different forms, and even for some writers it can get confusing. You can be a novelist (novels, obviously), a playwright (plays), or a screenwriter (screenplays for movies and TV shows). But for some folks, it’s not really easy to understand what copywriters do… So what is copywriting, exactly?

Defining Copywriting

Copywriting, in its very essence, is the text you write so that your target reader does what you want them to do. It generally used for advertisements and other similar tools such as brochures, sales pages, and marketing emails.

Most of the time you want people to buy your stuff or use your services. But you can use effective copy to get them to do other things that will benefit your business, such as to call your number for more info or to subscribe to your newsletter.

Look at any print ad online and on billboards and posters. Do you see any words? That’s the copy. If you’re the copywriter, it’s your job to come up with the words to go with any images you may use for the ad.

Elements of Copywriting